Natural Resources Technical Intern (Data Management)

Company Name:
Student Conservation Association
Job Title: Natural Resources Technical Intern
Time Commitment : 6 month position with the possibility to extend to 12 months.
Goal : Data Management Assistants for NPS Mojave Desert Network Inventory and Monitoring Program. Speci?c goals for this project are:
1) Assist in directory structure and organization of network data ?les
2) Property management, equipment inventory, and organization
3) Web site maintenance (intra-, inter-net, SharePoint)
4) Data organization, review, and dissemination
_Description of Duties_ :
O?ce work: Intern can assist in project related data organization. This could include monitoring protocol ?eld data entry, veri?cation, validation, certi?cation, and documentation from ?eld data collected at at Death Valley NP, Joshua Tree NP, Lake Mead NRA, Mojave Preserve, Grand Canyon-Parashant NM, Manzanar NHS, and/or Great Basin NP. Tasks include organizing hardcopy and digital ?eld datasets, review and correction of scanned ?eld data sheets, assisting with data manipulation to verify, validate, and document datasets. Organization of the network's shared data drive including ?le naming, folder access and privileges, archiving, backup, and recovery. Review of existing documentation and Standard Operating Procedures for Data Management and updated to new techniques and methodologies.
Intern may assist in property management. The network has a large inventory of sensitive, o?ce, and ?eld equipment and supplies that need to be inventoried, a tracking system completed, and organized. The intern can assist with the design and development of a tracking system that inventories an item and tracks it through check in/check out.
The intern will have the opportunity to learn about web design and development. The network has an internal intranet web site for dissemination of data ?les and share information among park service employees and a public facing internet web site to educate the public. There is also a SharePoint site that is used to collaborate among staff on a variety of documents and share calendars. All of these sites require periodic maintenance and updates that the intern can assist with and learn or enhance their existing skills with.
Intern must be able to learn how to use a variety of computer software applications (Microsoft, Adobe, and others) and computer hardware (desktops, tablets, laptops, etc.). Intern must have good organizational skills, communicate well both orally and written. The opportunity exists to work in web site upkeep and development, intermediate and advanced levels of ?at ?le databases, and how to develop basic metadata. Intern needs to have a working knowledge of biological, physical, and/or chemical sciences to best perform their duties and work collaboratively with network staff.
Intern is authorized to use government telephones, photocopy machine, fax machines, laminators and other equipment to accomplish their duties and not to be used for personal use. Intern is authorized to use a government computer and have access to federal facilities only when a background check is favorably adjudicated and has taken all the proper IT courses. All Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies regarding using and operating government equipment will be explained and given to the intern.
_Physical Demands:_
The ability to sit and work at a computer for long periods of time is necessary. Intern may stand for long periods of time. The work requires physical exertion associated with an o?ce environment: recurring bending, crouching, stooping, reaching, pulling, pushing, or similar activities; typing, reading/viewing a computer monitor screen and recurring lifting of moderately heavy items. Intern maybe required to lift 20-40 pounds of material or equipment unassisted and maybe asked to lift heavier equipment and tools with the assistance of another employee or intern.
_Work Environment_ :
Inventory and Monitoring work is generally done in both an o?ce and ?eld environment. Poisonous snakes and spiders are occasionally encountered. The NPS will provide appropriate vehicles to meet the needs and requirements of this position.
Intern will need to wear attire appropriate for an o?ce environment. Outside temperatures walking between buildings can encounter extreme temperatures, it is recommended to have: a hat, long sleeves, and pants for protection from sun. Intern should drink adequate water for desert climates.
Any intern who cannot meet the physical requirements of the position should let the project lead know so they can be assigned to lighter duty, if available. Intern should not perform any duties that are beyond their physical ability.
_Equipment_ :
The National Park Service will provide all technical equipment such as; computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and monitors. The NPS will not reimburse a intern for damaged personal equipment; this includes but is not limited to personal backpacks, personal cameras, boots, or clothing.
_Training and Bene?ts_ _:_
The intern is required to participate in the safety brie?ng on how to utilize the tools required to perform the duties described above. Training includes:
1) Providing ?rst aid and CPR,
2) Increased understanding of NPS Natural Resource Management and Inventory and Monitoring Program.
3) Experience your public lands while assisting in the preservation and conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.
_Special Requirments:_
Intern must be a US citizen. S/he must have valid driver s license and must show proof a clean driving record by providing a copy of their state DMV print out. Intern will be allowed limited use of the NPS provided vehicles when working at parks other than LAKE to attend to personal needs such as to purchase food (grocery store and restaurants), ?eld supplies, and immediate medical assistance (i.e., physician, dentist or other health care visits; pharmacy). Intern will adhere to all NPS driving policies, rules and requirements. All interns will undergo a background check in order to work on government computers and have access to federal facilities. Intern must have a basic understanding and working knowledge of computers, external devices (printers, external drives, etc.), software, and Windows operating systems (XP and 7).
Location Description
Lake Mead NRA, Boulder City, Nevada
Training Provided
Increased understanding of NPS Natural Resource Management and Inventory and Monitoring Program.
Experience your public lands while assisting in the preservation and conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.
Educational/Recreational Opportunities
data base development, GIS, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, orienteering and other outdoor pursuits.
Handicap Accessible?
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
Ecology & Restoration
some coursework or experience
Data Entry
some experience
Field Research
some experience
Data Analysis
some experience
Expected Dates: November 3, 2014 to May 3, 2015
Site: Mojave Desert Inventory and Monitoring Network
Position ID: PO-00621645
Main Area of Focus: Natural Resources Mgmt
AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible
Driving Logistics: Valid Drivers License Needed Personal Vehicle Required
Housing or Stipend Provided?: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
US Citizenship: Required

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